At MedX, we empower our clients to create a successful and sustainable commitment to their fitness, nutrition and overall health.

The MedX Method of training utilizes scientifically proven practices that provide complete fitness in just 20 minutes, once per week.

Our mission is to provide accurate information and exceptional one-on-one coaching to ensure our clients live better, longer lives.



Your time is important to us, so rest assured that nothing you do at MedX Precision Fitness will waste a single minute of it. We provide comprehensive education on the proper requirements of a productive exercise regime using only techniques and protocols that have been proven through verified scientific testing.

As a result, you will build muscle, enhance cardiovascular efficiency, raise your metabolic rate, improve ALL markers of cellular health (including lowering blood pressure), lose fat and dramatically improve your strength and functional ability. The MedX Method guarantees you the safest, most efficient, and continuous results.

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Blair Wilson - Owner of MedX Precision Fitness

MedX // 80 Richmond Street West, Suite 100, Toronto.

MedX // 80 Richmond Street West, Suite 100, Toronto.

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