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Complete fitness in minutes per week, not hours.

A female fitness trainer guiding a male trainee on the leg press.

MedX Precision Fitness

No one should feel lost when finding a fitness solution that works for them

At MedX, our expert coaches guide you along a strength training routine specifically designed around your individual health and fitness goals.

The MedX Methodology uses evidence-based training practices to provide people of any age or ability complete fitness in just two, 30-minute sessions per week. 

Our mission is to deliver measurable results and meaningful feedback through exceptional one-on-one coaching and the latest in exercise science to ensure you live a better, longer life.


30 minutes, Twice per week.

Evidence based

The MEDX METHOD is based on peer-reviewed scientific research.

Expert trainers

Educated in the latest exercise science.

At MedX Precision Fitness you will build muscle, enhance cardiovascular efficiency, raise your metabolic rate, improve all markers of cellular health (including lowering blood pressure), lose fat and dramatically improve your strength and functional ability.

THE MEDX METHOD combined with our PROVEN PROCESS guarantees you the safest, accurately measured, continuous personal strength training results in just two 30-minute sessions per week.

Gone are the days when you need to slog for hours at the gym every day to see results. With MedX’s evidence-based approach, we’ve streamlined the strength training process.

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For MedX clients the Ottawa region, visit our subsidiary gym Manotick Personal Trainer.