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Welcome to our members-only offer. For the months of May and June, MedX Precision Fitness is offering our fantastic trainees the option to try training twice per week at a discounted price. When you add 3 or 4 additional sessions to your regularly priced monthly plan those sessions will be discounted at 50% OFF the regular rate.

For those interested, pricing and sign-up below:

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Scientific benefits of training twice per week:

Potential increase in muscle mass

  • Studies have proven time and again that if we compare 1x per week against 2x, 3x, and even 4x; we get very similar increases in strength. Almost the EXACT same in fact. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2468867319300513

  • Those same studies have shown that when volume is equated; frequency doesn’t really matter. However; we can use an increase in frequency to obtain a higher overall volume (think one long workout of 20 sets vs. two efficient 10 set sessions per week). https://www.jsams.org/article/S1440-2440(18)30862-4/fulltext

  • Now, we have to be careful when discussing frequency. There is absolutely NOT a 1:1 return on your exercise investment. You do not get double or triple the benefit from coming in two or three times per week - it’s more along the lines of single-digit percentage gains, and the outcome is influenced by your genetics as well as your sleep, nutrition, and stress levels.

  • Depending on your priorities, those gains might be meaningful enough to invest the extra time. Or, perhaps you have a short-term goal and want to dial up the frequency to achieve it in your desired timeline.

  • If your goal is to gain muscle size, either in the long term or short term; a higher frequency might be the ticket for you, and we can help program that into a sustainable solution.


Physical activity promotes better mental health

  • Movement, of any kind, makes us feel good. Doing things we’re good at makes us feel good. Doing things that we are good at that incorporates movement is the ultimate feel-good recipe.

  • We don’t always have time before or after work. Our 30-minute appointments are the ultimate in efficiency, and you know we always run on time.

  • If you struggle to get enough activity in throughout the week; 2 sessions per week might be a perfect fit for you.


Increased likelihood of exceeding (or even achieving) the minimal effective frequency over the year

  • Currently the average MedX member completes just  3.19 sessions per month. This adds up to only 38 sessions per year! That’s significantly less than once per week.

  • Training twice a week, will help make up for those weeks when you just can’t find the time to train (overbooked meetings, catching a cold or going on vacation).   

  • We know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are ready to rock after 6 - 7 days of rest between workouts. For some, fewer rest days are required and we are able to customize around your preference. Overtraining is also a process; not an event. With the right coaching, management, and planning (our job); training frequency can be fine-tuned to achieve more sessions per year and lead you toward optimizing your fitness.