The world of popular fitness is overrun with the mantra that more time in the gym is always better. However, proper scientific research has proven that when it comes to human conditioning – less can be more. With the MedX Method, we produce the same or better results of conventional workouts with much less time. Momentum and acceleration are eliminated from all action, and as a result the muscle works more efficiently and fatigues more quickly.


The MedX method is safe for people of all ages and fitness levels. All of our exercises are professionally instructed and monitored. Exercises are done very slowly with a strict focus on proper posture and positioning. Our equipment is the best in the world and is fully customized for each client, ensuring weights and movements that are always bio-mechanically sound. As we eliminate momentum and acceleration, the MedX Method is extremely low impact on joints and tendons. As a result, the risk of injury is much lower than conventional exercise, especially for people over 35.


Many highly effective fitness programs fail because people find the time commitment required to attain results totally unsustainable over the long term. In order to achieve long term success in a lifetime commitment to health and fitness, it is crucial to have a sustainable time commitment. With the MedX Method our clients perform only two 30 minute sessions per week. 


The application of exercise is similar to the application of medicine – take a certain dose to effect a desired physiological result. With fitness (like medicine) you are trying to create a desired physiological change within your body, this is serious business and we believe it should be approached that way. As such, every session is instructed one-on-one with each client having their own private training room. The work being performed, although very safe, is very difficult both physically and mentally. In order to achieve optimal results absolute focus on the task at hand is required. A private setting free of any on-lookers enables this focus and allows for the best possible training experience.


The MedX Method was created using world class research into human physiology, biomechanics and exercise science. Every protocol we use has been tested and proven effective. All workouts are completely customized, with the client’s progress quantifiably measured and recorded. All exercises are performed until failure and are designed to engage and activate all muscle fibre types. Over time, the intensity of each exercise is continually increased as the body adapts to the stimulus, thus ensuring constant and long term progress.