Resistance Training - The Investment Plan of Exercise

Photo taken @ MedX Precision Fitness

Photo taken @ MedX Precision Fitness

In financial planning, we invest today in order to provide for needs and wants that we may encounter down the road. Whether you are saving for a house (good luck if you are looking in Toronto), a child’s education, a new business venture, a trip, or retirement, future needs always dictate today's investment activity.

Solid investment strategies are ones where we invest our resources, like time and money, in high-quality assets on a consistent and sustainable basis. This strong foundation compounds over time and pays us dividends down the road. Similarly, investing your time and energy into resistance / strength training builds a muscular foundation that provides immense physical benefits over time. In fact, there are many parallels between financial investing and investing in one’s personal fitness.

Wise financiers know that choosing to invest in quality assets will yield higher returns. This notion can also be applied to fitness. Like in the markets, there are stars and dogs in the world of fitness. Choosing high-quality exercise and training programs - we recommend only those which have been scientifically tested and proven - will always ensure the best returns for your body.

As with a smart investment, a proper fitness regimen must be sustainable in order for it to remain consistent over the long term. You will never gain maximum success jumping in and out of investments whenever you feel like it, and the same is true with fitness: slow, steady, and disciplined wins the race!  

When you think about your fitness plan today, approach it as you would your investment plan and consider your future needs and wants. How can you ensure that in your future you have the freedom to enjoy the same activities you enjoy today? When it comes to investment planning, this may mean building enough savings so you can afford to retire and spend more time on treasured activities like golfing, skiing etc. In terms of fitness, planning for the future means building the strength today that you need to do the things you love, in order to maintain the long-term functional ability required to keep doing them for as long as you like.

So next time you are thinking about giving up on the last 15 seconds of a leg press, consider that every time you push yourself to your limit you are making a significant investment in your future ability to live life to its fullest.


As always, Live Better, Longer!

- Ian Hodgins