Any sessions that are not used by the end of the month do not roll over, purely to hold you more accountable to your workouts.  It is so easy to let everything else come before your workouts, and we know that you should be coming in at least once per week to see results and gain all of the benefits of strength training.  We are always happy to help with rearranging your schedule to make this work for you!  If it would make you more comfortable, we can always start with a lower auto pay frequency, and then any sessions that you complete outside of this would be charged at our single session rate.  We can always bump up your auto pay frequency as you become more comfortable with the idea and execution.


  1. We can make that happen. With enough notice, we can make anything happen! We are going to request a two week minimum heads up on pausing things, and one week to make changes to how many you’re wanting to prepay for the month ahead. Easy peasy.
  2. We completely understand.  We know you travel quite a bit for work/have a somewhat unpredictable schedule, but our job is to make sure you get all of your sessions in.  If you know you'll be out of town for a week, we can adjust your schedule to fit your sessions in elsewhere within the month. We’re happy to help with this!  Also, we can always freeze a month of auto pay at a time if you know you'll be traveling frequently during a particular month, and you can just pay per session if you're able to still drop in once or twice.  Lastly, since the sessions are so much less expensive than our package rate, even if you miss a session or two here and there over the entirety of the year, you are still saving money in the long run.


  1. No problem (for now)! We understand that not everyone loves change, so this rollout will be considered a ‘soft launch’ for all of our existing trainees. If you want to switch over from your existing monthly membership right away; just let us know. If you’d like to switch over as soon as your existing package is done; just let us know! New trainees that you happen to refer to us will only have this model to chose from though, and we will slowly be transitioning to this being the norm.
  2. Another awesome advantage to switching over to auto pay, is that it allows you to pay in smaller increments rather than a large sum of money all at once.  Right now you're paying a large amount for a package of 50, and we are just sitting on your money until you're able to use all of those.  It’s kind of like buying a house.  Most people are not able to pay for a house upfront all in cash, so they pay down the house little by little instead.


  1. We understand that sometimes work/life happens and that means you have to cancel, or reschedule, within our 12-hour cancellation policy window. Rather than forfeiting the session, we are now instituting a cancellation fee of $25 for those unforeseen late appointment changes. This can be directly charged to your card on file, and you will be able to reschedule for another time later in the week without losing a full session from your auto-pay package. Currently, if you cancel late or miss the session you forfeit that session and have to either pay separately if on the monthly membership, or use another session of your package to schedule in at a later time that week. This is a much better strategy going forward.
  2. Currently our policy is that if you miss your session or cancel within 12 hours; you lose that session. That was difficult with the existing/old Monthly Membership, because people would still want to come in later in the week if forced to miss their session earlier in the week, but the terms and conditions of the monthly membership made that difficult, as they would have to pay for an additional session which is a much higher cost that the monthly membership fee.

    We have changed the cancellation policy to state that there is a $25 late cancellation/rescheduling fee. This is significantly cheaper than forfeiting a session because of some unknown factor that ruined your day, but I think it is still enough of an incentive for people to think twice about bailing on us because they don't feel like working out, or they had something come up, and just didn't think about us/themselves and how to lock a workout in.

    That is in the terms and conditions listed for you to sign off on, but I really appreciate you asking as it shows me that I need to make that clearer. Have a free water bottle next time you're in - knowing stuff like that is important to me, as it allows me to improve my business for you awesome folks.